art, code, & design by jenny jiao hsia (@q_dork)

music by AP thomson (@bad_tetris)

made for FLATGAME annual 2016

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(211 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tagsflatgame, flatjam


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Cool game and fun mechanics, But can somebody tell me what the hell is happening?

dude i thought someone was gonna die i started c r y i n g



I played this game as a kid a few years ago and didn't quite understand what was going on, but it had such a profound impact on me that I'll never forget the experience. Thank you for making this!


sweet and quite ingenious in the design


the "down the stairs" and dislocking ambulance and all these contrast alignments elements wow the way you play with empty white spaces and black flat elements wow

i really love flatgames and this one is one of the best use i saw yet

Gorgeous & Heartfelt.


I came for the game, but stayed for the music :) It's like Pink Floyd meets 90's Sunbalm Techno. 

this is the best description i've read of anything in a while


This made me cry but I didn't know why, guess I wasn't sober.
Thank you for making this, keep up your beautiful art.

[a coconut liked that]

Everybody loves you.


this is absolutely stunning. I love it. Thank you so much for making this :) *


wow. im at a lose for words


and i made sure to rate this 5 stars


man if only we had the full story

*wink* *wink*


I've never seen a game made like this. It was so moving!! thank you for this game.


This game is fantastic!!!!!!!! <3 


I loved how you combined the storytelling with the wimmelpicture mechanic of your game. It was not just a perfect fit for the FLATGAME Annual 2016, but also an absolute narrative delight of the whole year 2017. I felt sad, I felt happy, I felt like someone is sharing a deep insight into a very personal relationship with someone. It's a great piece about friendship and even more. That's why I not just wrote an article about your game and uploaded a playthrough video, but also happily included it in our GOTY 2017 list. Thank you for this experience. <3

Best wishes,


I love this! I love the story and how you told it!


That's a wonderful way of storytelling the hangover event of New Years Eve (I assume? or oversode? o.O)


that was great! the animations with pictures swapping was really clever, and the whole story was just so well done.

I really, really loved this :) Thank you for creating it.

this was really emotional. I really enjoyed it and am glad it ended the way it did


This is really wonderful. The unscrambling of the pictures feels really cohesive with the story and the music. Makes me feel as if I was the one trying to remember the jumbled events of a drunken night.


Fantastic work!


Really wonderful. I like the way this made me feel, and I'm not sure I have the vocabulary to talk about it? Seems like a good thing to me.

That's pretty good.

thanks for making this... so special.

Thanks very much for telling your story... I love the way how the drawing were put together.

Really well done. I was on the edge of my seat... Thanks for sharing your story.

the music's so soothing

hey every body (-: